Leopards are back

On Kromelboog farm in the Great Karoo, we set out to reverse the ecological damage done to the Karoo by ensuring ecological patterns and processes be conserved and actively restored. This included top tropic species and particularly carnivores previously exterminated. For almost 40 years leopards have not been known to frequent the Karoo areas around the Nuweveld Mountains.

For the last 14 months we have been noticing a roving leopard in the area. Clearly our efforts and those of others to encourage co-existence between predators, livestock and humans in the area is bearing fruits and on 4 occasions we have detected leopard back in this landscape.

32 months ago we converted our farming to a human herded management style. We are removing all our internal fences, allowing free range across 25,000ha to more than 600 plains game animals, and we actively encourage all wildlife. We welcome all carnivores and persecute no wildlife.

We have herders with our livestock 24/7 and place our sheep and cattle in mobile kraals at night. The kraals are moved to degraded spots every 7 days and the sheep and cattle are used as rehabilitation tools on those sites. The rehabilitation is achieved through concentrated levels of dung and urine and through hoof action, which breaks any capped surface, allowing rain to permeate the soil more effectively. In 32 months only one lamb has been lost to a carnivore – a caracal which was not persecuted – and was a result of human error.

We have in this time effected a 100% weaning rate (from a pre-shepherding weaning rate of 70%). This despite a 1 in 300 year drought, during which we did not supplementary feed and were able to deliver A2 (fat) lambs to market.

Predators are an asset on our farm.

It could not be done until it was done.

We farm ethically and for ecological resilience.

When you buy a half lamb from Fair Game, you are actively enabling these practices and results to be adopted and replicated by more farmers, on more land. One of Fair Game’s tenets is that accredited farmers receive a premium when selling their sheep under the Fair Game Brand, as opposed to selling to the abattoir or feedlot.

Our direct-to-customer approach has been developed to deliver this premium to the farmer, as well as to deliver your meat to you in Cape Town at a still affordable price.

Fair Game Products


A wildlife friendly half lamb meat box, portioned into freezer friendly cuts. Priced at R150/kg, this box is fresh-frozen.


A wildlife friendly half mutton meat box, portioned into freezer friendly cuts. Priced at R120/kg, this box is fresh-frozen.

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